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As positive trends encourage real estate and construction executives to shift their attention from short-term gains to long-term value generation, they must consider the shifting market.

Global megatrends are altering investment objectives, while technological advancements allow for more efficient operating and capital models. Euro Network International assists customers in aligning their growth goals with strategy, operations, technology, and people.

Euro Network International is a well-known name in Nairobi's real estate market. We are one of Nairobi's most reputable Real Estate Consulting Firm with extensive clientele in the commercial, residential, industrial, and land and plot sectors.

Our industry experts provide knowledge and connections to help owners, operators, developers, and investors strike a balance between innovation and pragmatism to achieve growth. We take a whole life-cycle approach to real estate assistance, from strategy through development.

We combine extensive real estate knowledge with deep customer understanding across sectors to help businesses redefine their position in space acquisition, development, and use.

We work with companies to help them optimise value, transform their businesses, and develop the new capabilities they need to succeed.

We realise how difficult and unpleasant it can be to lease commercial real estate, whether you are a tenant or an investment. We make every effort to ensure that the procedure is as smooth as possible for all involved parties. A successful transaction is ensured by our expertise in consult and build profitable working connections.

Euro Network International provides a wide range of consulting services in the real estate sector. When you deal with one of our professional commercial property consultants, you'll find that our experienced broker offers seamless, individualised expertise that assists you in maximising the value of your real estate investments while also providing inventive solutions.

Euro Network International stands out among its competitors because of our collaborative approach and unwavering commitment to client service. Our real estate expert is knowledgeable and experienced in all types of properties, including office, industrial, land, retail, and investment properties.

We offer our services

Joint Venture

We help our clients choose a joint venture partner by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses as well as conducting a company appraisal to determine and develop synergy between the parties.

Property Consultant

We give clients property investment advice based on a thorough examination of market conditions and trends. We aim to figure out the most practical and cost-effective way to help clients reach their goals.

Real Estate Management

As property management consultants, our responsibility is to create and maintain good working relationships with legal counsel and other property consultants, review properties with clients, and undertake data gathering surveys.

Commercial Broker

We assist our customers in acquiring, leasing, selling, or renting nonresidential assets such as an office or retail space.

Real Estate Development Fund

Euro Network International offers assistance to our clients in obtaining funds for real estate development projects.

Performing Financial Analysis And Valuation Of Properties

Our licenced appraiser helps you determine an estimate or opinion of value based on an examination of pertinent property data.