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Financial management is critical for an organization's existence and success. Businesses frequently struggle to manage their finances. But with our financial services, you can be 100% relieved from handling stressful financial problems.

Our financial services encompass project financing, loans, and investment. With deep experience across these three financial service sectors, we work alongside you and become fully invested in your success. We can assist you in developing clear, practical action plans and putting them into action quickly so that you can see actual, long-term results.

Project Financing

We will raise funds on behalf of you for the construction of physical and social infrastructure, as well as real estate development.

We are Nairobi's top Project Finance Consultancy firm. Our top-of-the-line project finance and consulting services in Nairobi have helped us establish a solid reputation in the market.

To fulfil the needs of our customers, we provide a wide range of project financing services, often known as funding advice services. We will evaluate the various aspects of your business operations and provide appropriate solutions. Our services are compliant with all legal requirements and meet the needs of our customers.

Our professionals work to ensure that funding and disbursement are completed within the timeframe we have set.


Businesses loan finances for many reasons, some of them are for working capital requirements, expansion plans, the establishment of a new branch, or innovation in an existing business.

Because business loans are substantial than home or vehicle loans, they can be a little tougher to apply. In addition to the standard documentation procedure, many organizations have varied financial positions and potential business curves that need professional judgement.

Euro Network International is the best choice for a business loan consultant in Nairobi who has a thorough understanding of the best loan products available to meet your requirements. We collaborate with global finance partners who are in charge of maintaining loan agreements and disbursing monies to approved applicants.

Our knowledgeable business loan advisers will assist you in meeting the standards and circumstances required to qualify for various types of business loans given by many banks of Kenya.


Managing your assets is a prime undertaking that takes thorough planning and a significant amount of time. You understand the need for proper financial management as a business owner, but that doesn't mean you always have the time. With so many other responsibilities, it is more likely that your investments may go to the bottom of the priority list.

We are an investment consultancy firm that helps you get back on track if you need to lighten your load and outsource your financial chores to trusted professionals. Our expert advisors can help you with financial planning and investment management so you can devote your time and energy to building your company.

At Euro Network International, we offer investment counselling services to assist you in achieving your financial objectives. Our financial consulting service has a team of experienced advisors that understand how to develop the ideal approach for you.

Are you looking for financial consultancy in the project sourcing, loan, and investment sector? Contact us and schedule an appointment.